YIKES: Katie Couric Tries to Get Betty White to Trash Trump, but Didn’t Expect This Response

The liberal media is doing everything it can to vilify Donald Trump so that they can make it impossible for him to win again in 2020. When shameless liberal Katie Couric sat down with Hollywood legend Betty White to interview her for her 95th birthday, she attempted to further this agenda by making her bash Trump.

White, however, wasn’t having any of it.

“The world is in a very interesting place right now,” Couric asked. “What do you think about the state of our country and how divided it seems to be?”

This clearly refers to how divided America has become since Trump became elected, and therefore since the mainstream media drove liberals to hysterics with their fake news against the president. White refused to take the bait, and instead called on people to calm down and give him a chance to lead.

“I think that’s the time to really buckle down and really work positively as much as you can instead of just saying, ‘This is terrible. He’s terrible.’ Just think, ‘All right, there’s nothing I can do about that right now but I can do the best in my little circle.’ So if I do that, maybe you’ll do your best and we’ll get through this,” White said.


White has been around long enough to see that these loudmouth liberals protesting at airports and shutting down highways are really accomplishing nothing. People need to accept Trump as president and give him a chance to do something positive, rather than try to make things difficult for him every chance they get.

One more thing, shame on you Katie Couric for trying to force this elderly Hollywood icon to give you an anti-Trump soundbite!

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