WIKILEAKS Strikes With MAJOR Announcement – THIS SHOCKED Trump and will SHOCK YOU

During the last eight years, the American people learned just how corrupt their government had gotten. The Democrats rigged their own primary, The mainstream media colluded with the Democrats and published fake news, and the Government is unconstitutionally spying on all Americas.

We even learned that the government under Obama used the IRS to go after conservative and Christian groups while the government promotes liberal and Islamic groups.  We also learned that not only are our intelligence agencies willing to spy on ordinary Americans but that they are will to give grievous criminals like Hillary Clinton a free pass.

Hillary has mountains of evidence incriminating her for crimes ranging from pedophilia to murder, to embezzlement, to political corruption, to breaking federal laws, etc. and she gets a free pass. Meanwhile, these same authorities that are giving Hillary her political immunity are brutally prosecuting ordinary Americans for the same if not significantly lesser crimes.

Now we learn that The CIA is also willing to frame other countries for cyber attacks (potentially escalating tensions between these countries ) in order to get the information they want.

Via The Federalist Papers

Wikileaks released 676 source code files today it claims are from the CIA and shows the agency tried to disguise its own hacking attempts as efforts by the Russians, North Koreans and others.

The leaks are part of the “Vault 7 – Marble Framework” that they claim gives insight into the CIA’s “Marble” software, which can disguise viruses, trojans, and hacking attacks forensically.


 The source code has test examples in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and Farsi (the Iranian language), suggesting they were attempting to hide their efforts and blame it on rogue countries and state actors.

“This would permit a forensic attribution double game, for example by pretending that the spoken language of the malware creator was not American English, but Chinese,” the said.

Ultimately, this could lead forensic investigators to conclude that the CIA hacks were carried out by the Chinese government, the North Koreans, Chinese, or Vladimir Putin himself.





Earlier this month, the hacktivist group published thousands of documents claiming to expose CIA hacking secrets, including that the agency can break into Android phones, iPhones and some smart televisions.

They were also looking into how to take control of the vehicle control systems in modern cars and trucks, WikiLeaks reported. The leaks revealed just how incredibly far-reaching the government’s hacking powers go.

Remember when the liberals are trying to blame Russian hackers for the Hillary emails? This would mean that it is possible for out CIA to fabricate hacking attempts from other nations (like the Russia) in order to manipulate the political climate in the United States. This level of power and deception is way too much for our government to hold without abusing it; as they have already aptly demonstrated.

While security is important, there can be no security where there is no freedom. We must make sure that we limit the power of the government before the government limits the freedom of the people.


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