Wikileaks Releases Hillary CIA Scandal, And is Worst Than Anyone Thought

There are many allegations floating between President Trump and Russia… Everything is reversed in order to make him look bad. No matter what we all know that everything is all lies and now there is a leak that can prove it.

WikiLeaks, revealed very important information about the only person responsible for Russian hack lies. This is about one project named “Umbrage” which goal is to frame foreign governments for hacks.

This is a top- secret CIA project I must add.

via Federalist Tribune

This and several other CIA projects enable the CIA to increase its total number of attack types and misdirect attribution by leaving behind the ‘fingerprints’ of the group that the attack techniques were stolen from.

The CIA was directed to use this project in order to frame Russia for the Democratic National Convention. They hoped that Trump would get blamed for asking a foreign government to intervene in the election, and that his campaign would be shut down.

This is by far one of the biggest scandals our government has ever faced. Everyone needs to know about this. We need to expose Hillary for the scumbag she truly is!

This is one of the biggest scandals that had ever happened to this country… This was not expected at all… Share it as much as you can in order to expose the real liars and traitors!