Unthinkable Move From Trump And Saudi King At Toby Keith’s Concert

President Trump’s first trip happened a few days ago. He visited Saudi Arabia and good reviews come from them towards him and his administration.

Also, Toby Keith performed in front of them and made a massive concert that not so often happens in those areas. The fans were amazing and enjoyed their time with him while the President was nowhere to be found. Not for so long of course…

via Liberty Writers 

That’s when Donald Trump and the Saudi King rolled into the concert in a GOLF CART!

Their cart rolled right across the atrium in the middle of the show followed by Ivanka and Jared in a different cart behind him. With so many powerful players, there was no time to stop in public.

The 2 golf carts sped off into the unknown, presumably to watch the concert from a secret, royal-only location or return to the office and work on changing the world.

Toby Keith and Trump seem to have a very special relationship. Maybe y’all remember this great inauguration moment:

While the media is still bashing on our President he makes great allies around the world. He is an amazing diplomat. Also, the Saudis are really amazed of our country music too.