Rust Belt Revival: Tesla And Panasonic To Open Plant in Buffalo

Donald Trump promised to bring back jobs to America, especially to the areas hit hardest by terrible trade deals in the mid west. He stopped Carrier from moving helping Indiana and now he has set his sights on Buffalo New York.

Unlike Barack Obama who used endless committees and polls to tell him what to do,  Trump just picked up the phone and got to work.

He called up the Carrier CEO. Same with Boeing and Lockheed Martin. He simply put his head down and went to work securing a better deal for the American worker.

Hard work pays off Barack, who was busy golfing with his buddies rather than sweating the details of his failed policies.

So you knew big news would come from Trump’s recent meeting with tech industry titans at Trump tower. While the meeting was private, clearly American jobs were at the forefront.

The factory in Buffalo will be jointly developed by Tesla and Panasonic and will make solar panels for non-solar roof products and solar glass tile roofs that Tesla plans to begin selling.

Production is due to begin in mid-2017. Tesla said it will create 1,400 jobs in and  has plans for rapid expansion in Buffalo.