Rino Republicans are cozying up to the idea of trying to work together with the Democrats to pass a repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The problem is that unless the bill is extremely progressive even by Democrat standards, there is no chance of this happening.  The Democrats hate Trump, and they want him to fail America in both deed and perception, no matter the cost.

Rush Limbaugh sets the record straight and lays into RINO Republicans about the fantasy of working with the Democrats.

Via Truth Monitor

“This fantasy of working with the Democrats is gonna be put to bed on April 7th or whenever the Senate votes on Gorsuch and the Democrats filibuster it,” he added. “Cause I don’t care what the Freedom Caucus has done, when it comes down to Gorsuch, the Democrats are not gonna vote for the guy. If they have to, they’ll filibuster him. The name of the game is resistance. That’s how the Democrats keep their donations coming in. It’s how the DNC is gonna be reconstituted, resistance, resistance, oppose. Hillary was out there talking about it in San Francisco in the black leather jacket. You think that was an accidental wardrobe choice? Ha. Hardly.”

“So Trump’s gonna get angry all over again at the Democrats when they filibuster Gorsuch,” Rush continued. “I was watching Lindsey Grahamnesty on TV today. Lindsey Grahamnesty is a guy, the last thing in the world that he would ever want to do is pull the nuclear option. Preserve the Senate rules. But he was loaded for bear today talking about the Democrats. He said (paraphrasing), “If they can’t vote for Neil Gorsuch, then it’s clear there’s not a single judge any Republican would ever nominate they would vote for.” I’m sitting there saying, are you just now figuring this out? But I’ll take it, if he’s just now figuring it out.”

It is time for the establishment RINO’s to either work with Trump and honor their conservative constituents or to step down. We need to limit Government as much as possible.

There is no judge the Democrats will accept from Trump, and there is no healthcare bill which will be able to scale government back down to where it ought to be.

In order for Trump to shrink the government, it is necessary to take baby steps in certain areas like healthcare and gradually scale it back over time. The Republicans need to support Trump in this endeavor.

The elitist RINO Republicans need to recognize that jumping ship, and siding with the Democrats will not make them your friends, it will only make the American voters your enemies.

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