Republican Members Of Washington Under Fire

Liberals have recently forced many Republican members of the House and the Senate to hold “town hall” meetings. Most of them with those very same liberals for the sole purpose of putting these lawmakers on stage so that angry, bitter Hillary Clinton supporters could vent their frustration and yell at them.

Isn’t this a moronic waste of government time and money?

Thankfully, most of these Republicans more than capably held their ground against these hysterical liberals. However, it has since become clear that some of these Republican congressmen and senators, unfortunately, have caved to liberal pressure. Congressman Trey Gowdy is not one of them, and he recently put them in their place for trying to sabotage President Donald Trump.

One such repugnant traitor, Republican is Congressman Darrell Issa from the wildly liberal state of California, who announced this past weekend that there should be a special prosecutor who should investigate Donald Trump for what liberals still allege are his ties to Russia.

Yes, Republican members of Washington are jumping onto the liberal bandwagon of the Trump/Russia “ties”.

Gowdy responded: “There is no special prosecutor statute. There is no independent counsel statute. There’s a regulation that allows for the appointment of special counsel if the Department of Justice has a conflict and if all 92 U.S. attorneys have a conflict. Until that evidentiary burden has been satisfied, I don’t know why Republicans or Democrats are talking about special counsel.”

He added: “It’s too early. Special counsel only applies to a criminal investigation.” Trey also sharply criticized the Democrats for making themselves vulnerable to Russia attacks, and quipped that Hillary’s adviser John Podesta “picked a password that the guy from [the movie] ‘Slingblade’ could have figured out.”

Trey Gowdy is one of the very few guiding lights in Washington who actually serves his constituency.

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