POLL: Do You Want America To Ban Muslim Immigrants?

Recent events have divided this country. People’s opinions differ. But, let’s sum up.

The terror attacks in America have been more frequent then ever. More and more innocent people lose their lives. Families loose husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and even children.

Trump has come to a conclusion that something needs to be done. Some measures need to be implemented in order to protect America and the American people. He has been trying to enforce some laws to do so, but have found obsticles in many places.

Even Obama’s own brother understands how neccessary this is:


Now, let’s hear your thoughts. Let’s see what the people of America want! That is the most important in the end anyway.

Do you feel safe enough in your own home, not to lock your door when you go sleep?


Ex FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress this Thursday.

Amid his testimony, Comey vindicated the President when he in fact testified that President Trump did not obstruct justice, was never under FBI investigation, and none of the votes were in any way modified by the Russians.

We all knew this. The President came to his well deserved spot in the Oval Office by the people only and noone outside of this border interfered in any way.

It came as a shock to many though when Comey tapped ex Obama Doj Loretta Lynch for obstructing justice while asking Comey to "re-label" Hillary Clinton's email investigation as an "inquiry", making it sound substantially less official.

Here's who they were looking for. The real obstruction case.

So, we're starting a petition to make a difference. We start this petition in hopes of assigning a special prosecutor to investigate this dinamic trio: Loretta Lynch, James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

Sign the petition below and be a part of the change!

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