Obama Officials Facing Jail Time After Lawsuit For Treason

The non-profit conservative organization Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the National Security Agency. Their goal is to investigate alleged misconduct by government officials and that is the reason for this lawsuit. It’s suspected that Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice is connected to the Russians who interfered in the U.S. elections in November 2016. Besides Susan Rice’s spying Trump and his associates, she also unmasked the names of the associates for political reasons. Another reason for this investigation is the alleged collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.

The lawsuit that was just filed is seeking:

1. Any and all requests for information, analyses, summaries, assessments, transcripts, or similar records submitted to the Department of Justice (National Security Agency) or any official, employee, or representative thereof by former National Security Advisor Susan Rice regarding, concerning, or related to the following:

Any actual or suspected effort by the Russian government or any individual acting on behalf of the Russian government to influence or otherwise interfere with the 2016 presidential election;
The alleged hacking of computer systems utilized by the Democratic National Committee and/or the Clinton presidential campaign;
Any or actual or suspected communication between any member of the Trump presidential campaign or transition team and any official or employee of the Russian government or any individual acting on behalf of the Russian government; or
The identities of U.S. citizens associated with the Trump presidential campaign or transition team who were identified pursuant to intelligence collection activities.

2. Any and all records created and/or produced in response to any request described in part 1 of this request.

Any and all records of communication between any official, employee, or representative of the Department of Justice (National Security Agency) and any member, employee, staff member, or representative of the National Security Council regarding, concerning, or related to any request described in Part 1 of this request.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said:

“We want to know about the Obama White House involvement in the unprecedented spying on Donald Trump and other political opponents. This intelligence operation may have led to the illegal ‘unmasking’ of Americans and the leaking of intelligence information to foment the story of Russian hacking of the DNC and sinister Russian influence on Trump and his associates. The Trump administration has an opportunity to expose what the Obama White House was up to.”

It’s time we find out what Obama was doing during his 8 years of presidency. The American citizens should know what kind of president they had since he was fine with spying, not only Donald  Trump but also other politicians, and unmasking identities of their associates for political reasons. Nobody is above the law!


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Ex FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress this Thursday.

Amid his testimony, Comey vindicated the President when he in fact testified that President Trump did not obstruct justice, was never under FBI investigation, and none of the votes were in any way modified by the Russians.

We all knew this. The President came to his well deserved spot in the Oval Office by the people only and noone outside of this border interfered in any way.

It came as a shock to many though when Comey tapped ex Obama Doj Loretta Lynch for obstructing justice while asking Comey to "re-label" Hillary Clinton's email investigation as an "inquiry", making it sound substantially less official.

Here's who they were looking for. The real obstruction case.

So, we're starting a petition to make a difference. We start this petition in hopes of assigning a special prosecutor to investigate this dinamic trio: Loretta Lynch, James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

Sign the petition below and be a part of the change!

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