Michelle Obama Makes HUGE SHOCKING Announcement About Her Future In Politics

For as far back as a couple of months, Democrats have been wildly attempting to make sense of who the leader of their formation is. They really do not know who to put as opponent candidate in 2020 against President Donald Trump.

A few Democrats have suspected that previous first woman Michelle Obama could keep running for office. She put those gossips to sleep in bed on Thursday. She reported at the America Institute of Architecture meeting in Orlando that she wouldn’t keep running for office.

Michelle Obama

via Conservative Tribune

Stating that she “wouldn’t ask my children to do this again,” Obama explained that she didn’t like all the hatred associated with politics, and she thinks she can still influence the country as a private citizen.

(Well, Madame Former First Lady, maybe if you hadn’t tried to change everything about America and publicly condemned anyone who disagreed with you, you wouldn’t have been as hated.)

This is very good news to hear. It’s bad enough we had to live through eight years of President Barack Obama. We don’t need any more Obamas in office causing damage to this nation.

USA Today noted that this isn’t the first time that Obama has ruled out running for office, having done so already in an interview with Oprah a few months ago.

Speculation that Obama might run started after her speech at the Democratic National Convention — because apparently Democrats’ standards are so low that they will rally behind anyone who can speak coherently in front of a crowd.

The BBC noted that Obama also talked about her life now that she isn’t living in the White House, and all the things she can finally do, like answer a door and open windows.

The Democrats truly have no idea who their leader is at the moment. The Obamas aren’t interested in leading, the Clintons are too old and irrelevant, and no one else in the party has anywhere close to the name recognition they need to lead a national movement.

At this moment, every one of the Democrats can do is hold dissents and shout about the amount they despise Trump. They must think of it as some kind of technique that will win them votes in 2018 or 2020.