The Media’s Lies About Comey Are Exposed And Gingrich Revealed His Evil Plans Within This Video

Comey’s future after Thursday’s hearing is not looking so bright anymore. After confessing that he is the one behind the leaks between him and President Trump he has some major problems to deal with. First, in case he ever thought that this will include a special prosecutor he was right.

Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, did not fancy that and look what he stated in this video:

via Liberty Writers

Newt Gingrich is totally right about this. It’s time to end the special prosecutor. He is set to lead the Russia investigation and has also known Comey for a long time.

Lindsey Graham agrees: “Unless Mueller is a complete idiot, which he is not, he’s concluded there’s no obstruction of justice case because if he had concluded otherwise, Comey wouldn’t be testifying,” Graham, R-S.C., said of the Justice Department’s special counsel, Robert Mueller, on “CBS This Morning” on Thursday.

“You wouldn’t let his chief and only witness go through this process if you believe you really had a case to prosecute,” Graham said. “And Mr. Mueller is a good prosecutor.”

A Huge mass of people and politicians think that Newt is right. We do not need the special prosecutor. There is not a case worth it because Comey was the one who already revealed that Trump was right and the Russia scandal fake.