JUST IN: Look What Is Happening Right Now At Mar-a-Lago – Nobody Saw This Coming!

Everyone is talking about the meeting between President Donald Trump and the Chinese president Xi Jinping in Florida. The Chinese president arrived to Florida to discuss over serious topics that affect both countries. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and a military honor guard greeted Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyan, at Palm Beach International airport.

Headlines earlier today wrote about Jinping’s dinner with the President at his Mar-a-Lago estate which is actually the first meeting before the Friday talks. President revealed two of the main topics the two of them will discuss. Reporters were told that the trade with China and North Korea’s nuclear program are top priorities.


“We have been treated unfairly and have made terrible trade deals with China for many, many years. That’s one of the things we are going to be talking about. The other thing of course is going to be North Korea.” We can’t forget how Pyongyang threatened to send away “the most ruthless blow” at the slightest provocation of America. Right before the dinner, President Trump said that there’s a huge problem with North Korea.

During the dinner, President Trump stated that he “developed a friendship” with Jinping, adding that the two of the will have a “very, very great relationship.” The President also made a joke, as The Telegraph reports, saying that “so far I have gotten nothing, absolutely nothing” in talks.

This meeting was triggered after North Korea performed a ballistic missile test, and the President went a step closer to keeping his promise with reference to the jobs he would bring back from China.

Many questions were opened during the meeting, and hopefully, the two leaders will find a way to solve the problems.

What do you think about this meeting? What will happen next? Will North Korea still impose a threat?