Just In: Ex-CIA Director’s Statement About Jared Kushner Will Change Everything

Since Donald Trump became President of the United States, he has been constantly under attack by the mainstream media. They have been reporting fake news related to him in order to show him in a bad light.

The media reported that Trump has connections to the Russians and they helped him win the presidential elections in November 2016. Like this wasn’t enough, the media has also made similar theories about Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner. Both of them denied these allegations. According to the former CIA Director Mike Morell, these are false allegations without any evidence.

Via Liberty Writers

Even ex-CIA Director, and Hillary Clinton supporter, Mike Morell, thinks the media is reporting false assumptions regarding Jared Kushner’s involvement with Russia, and alleged “back channels.”

He specifically said about recent reports by the Washington Post and the New York times, that “that is not a sourcing chain in which I would put a great deal of confidence.”

Ya’ll, Iit seems that the media is more interested in getting stories out fast than they are about getting stories out that are factually accurate.

In fact, regarding the alleged “back channels” that the media is all excited about, ex-CIA Director Morell said “that is not a back channel” because the incoming national security advisor was allegedly involved.  He went on, saying “that is a ‘front-channel’-the incoming national security advisor talking with the Russian government.”

Why should that matter?  It matters because the media is doing whatever it can to paint President Trump in the most negative light possible.  Because it wants him gone.

You may have seem my recent article,  that proved that the media has been intentionally trying to bring President Trump down since day one! If you didn’t catch it, please take a look!  They are just racing to be the ones who report negativity that brings Trump down, and they don’t care about facts!

Morell even stated that he “spent a career watching the media get a significant portion of intelligence related stories wrong.”  But under Trump, it appears that the MSM could not care less.

Ya’ll, this has to get out!  You can hardly turn on the TV now without hearing the words “back channel” and “Kushner.”  Please, if you care about the Trump presidency, SHARE this everywhere and comment “I support President Trump!”

The media should be more careful about the stories they report. They shouldn’t report news without any prove provided. However, the media doesn’t seem to care since they want to destroy Trump.


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