Just in – Bill Cosby Gets Bad News

Sixty women accused the comedian Bill Cosby of rape and assault. He’s facing three counts of indecent sexual against Andrea Constand, to which he pleaded not guilty. The assault happened back in 2004 in Cosby’s home in Pennsylvania. Although Cosby’s lawyers were buying time for a year and a half to delay the trial, it has already started. The victim Andrea will take the witness stand and will tell everything that happened the night of the rape. First Cosby drugged her in order to help her relax and then he raped her. After the incident, she had nightmares and she told her mother what happened the next year.

Via Patriot Beacon

Bill Cosby got some bad news on Monday when his trial for the alleged 2004 rape of Andrea Constand finally began.

Deadline reported that this came after a year and a half of Cosby’s lawyers buying time for him by trying to dismiss or delay the proceedings. Just hours into the trial, a media circus is already starting.

“Bill Cosby’s criminal trial is the celebrity criminal trial of the new 21st century,” said Pierce O’Donnell of L.A. firm Greenberg Glusker. “In many ways, Cosby is a far more luminous public figure than O.J. Simpson; he was a national treasure, a beloved icon, and a revered pioneer for Black Americans,” the Hollywood litigator said.”

“His fall from grace is mind boggling,” O’Donnell added, referring to the more than 60 women who have accused him of rape and assault. “Cosby has already been convicted of this crime and many others in the court of public opinion, but the only court that counts is the court of law.”

Cosby is facing three felony charges of second-degree aggravated indecent assault against Constand, a Temple University employee. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

When walking into court, Cosby was accompanied by Keshia Knight Pulliam, who played his TV daughter Rudy Huxtable on his 1980s sitcom “The Cosby Show.”

Some of the women who were also assaulted by Cosby called Constand a hero because she agreed to testify. She was raped 13 years ago and reported the case 2 years ago. According to a psychologist, this delay in reporting the incident is typical of raped victims. Hopefully, he will be convicted and he never hurts another woman!


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