John McCain calls Mike Pence “asshole” on live TV, IMMEDIATELY Gets THE WORST NEWS OF HIS LIFE

John McCain is known for his liberalism and inconsideration for the American people. Well, he has found it appropriate to just stop even being amicable. He has now successfully insulted one of the most important men in the world. John was just fine with calling Vice President Mike Pence an “asshole”. John has gone off the deep end and is showing that he is a criminal. He only cares about making money off of the blood of American soldiers, he doesn’t care about this nation or his constituents in Arizona.

He deserves to lose his seat now instead of during his next election because of his lack of class and respect for the duly elected officials above him. There is no reason for him to behave like a petulant child, but he can’t help it. He’s a whiner and loser just like Hillary.

From Daily EB:

The people disagree with him.


If you support McCain, then you have no moral standing or understanding of the protocols of a duly elected officials. There is no way that Pence should tolerate this. He should call out McCain publicly and make him apologize because he will continue to get away with it when he isn’t called out.

When senators behave this way, they either don’t represent the people, or they’ve been in far too long. Free speech is the most important freedom in America, but when you’re representing an office and you bad mouth your boss, you should be punished. It’s that simple. People in everyday life can’t publicly call their boss an asshole without ramifications, neither can a public servant. Out with McCain, in with a fresh face and someone that isn’t a crony capitalist.