John Kasich’s Refugee Policies Responsible For Ohio State Massacre

Blowback is a term the CIA coined to refer to unintended consequences of an operation.

Sadly for John Kasich, the consequences of his Muslim immigration policy were all too predictable.

Mainly if we let in Muslim terrorists we gonna get terrorism.

This is not hard to figure out.

Pretty much 1+1=2

Which is why the majority of Americans were outraged when Hillary, Obama, and some cowardly republicans like John Kasich insisted we accept unvetted Muslim refugees into our country.

These people want to kill us. Why would we let them in our country AND give them welfare so they can plot their attacks in comfort?

Too stupid for words.

And why we resoundingly rejected them and their stupid, harmful policies and voted for Trump in a landslide.

Because Trump was right and the liberals were all wrong. Letting in people who want to kill us in not a good idea. It is not the American way.

Too stupid for words.

Kasich literally shoved thousands of Muslim refugees down Ohioans throats. They didn’t want them there, he didn’t care.

Too stupid for words.

The citizens of Ohio however have some words for John Kasich.


Trump was right. Kasich and his liberal friends were wrong. But they don’t suffer, our children do.

Another example of how these politicians have failed us and sold out America.

Thankfully in 51 days Trump will be president and he will put a stop to this nonsense.


h/t ConservativeTribune