John Kasich In His New Book BASHES Every Trump Supporter in This DISGUSTING Way -BOYCOTT HIM

Ohio Gov. John Kasich asserted in his new book that President Trump won the race because in light of the fact that America is in an ethical decay.


In Two Paths: America Divided or United, Kasich pointed the finger at Trump’s constituent win on gatherings extending from the media to exploitative government officials, however, he additionally said one of the principle reasons Trump won was a direct result of the otherworldly decrease in America.

“What the voters were telling us in this election was that they were angry, that they were feeling that their lives were out of control, that there was a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in the heartland,” Kasich wrote.

“I happen to trust that you can’t control a whole society without a common religious establishment,” Kasich composed. “I saw Trump’s heedless pleas as a debilitating of our common American qualities — significantly more along these lines, a coarsening of our mutual American qualities … Donald Trump gave the impression of a man who might do or say anything to get consideration, even affect a group to savagery.”

Kasich additionally noticed that Trump “gave a large number of disappointed voters a voice.”