Jeff Sessions Is Putting Voter ID Integrity Front and Center

Voter ID laws have been ruled unconstitutional before with the far left wing judges. As a voter, showing ID helps to verify that you are who you say you are. Making sure that the election is a clean as possible and little corruption is possible. The Trump Administration has made a loud statement in favor of Voter ID laws.

From Western Journalism:

The Trump administration and the Justice Department made a significant move on voter ID laws Monday, announcing that the the federal government will no longer be part of a long running court case in opposition to a Texas Voter ID law.

The action was denounced by the Campaign Legal Center deputy director of voting rights, Danielle Lang, who has been fighting against the Texas law.
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#BREAKING: Trump administration dropping opposition to controversial Texas voter ID law

— The Hill (@thehill) February 27, 2017


She said the center was notified by the Justice Department that it will no longer participate in the suit.

“It’s a complete 360,” said Lang, referring to the support they received from the Justice Department under the Obama administration, which joined the suit in 2013.

“We can’t make heads or tails of any factual reason for the change. There has been no new evidence that’s come to light,” she said.

She added, “This signals to voters that they will not be protected under this administration.”

“We have already had a nine-day trial and presented thousands of pages of documents demonstrating that the picking and choosing of what IDs count was entirely discriminatory and would fall more harshly on minority voters. So for the (Justice Department) to come in and drop those claims just because of a change of administration is outrageous,” Lang concluded.

A hearing on the case is scheduled for Tuesday, at which time the federal government may discuss its intent more fully.



The Texas law requires voters to show one of seven forms of identification in order to vote. Last year, the law was adapted to allow voters without a driver’s license or other valid ID to sign an affidavit saying they faced a barrier to getting the required form of ID.

Jeff Sessions will make sure that Voter ID laws aren’t ruled over if he can help it. Making sure our voters have as much integrity as is expected of our politicians is a great start to turning around voter fraud that is being committed.