Inconsistent Hillary Is Inconsistent

Hillary took lost in November and has been laying low for the most part. She isn’t the most ideal person because of her corruption, money from evil nations and globalists, and she will do anything to put herself above the interests of this nation. We remember the healthy eating that Michelle Obama pushed, well, Hillary doesn’t seem to want to follow this trend.

From Truth Monitor:

Hillary Clinton has spent most of the months since her humiliating loss in the presidential election to Donald Trump in hiding. That’s why it came as a surprise today when she resurfaced in the town of Hudson, New York.

Register Star reported that Clinton stopped at Grazin’ Diner for lunch on Monday with her family.

“We were with my daughter and her family and we wanted to stop here,” Clinton said. Grazin’ Farm provided the food at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding back in 2010.

“The french fries were really dangerous, but they were delicious and we ate too many of them,” the failed Democratic presidential candidate said of the food at the establishment.

“I am so pleased to see a lot of activity,” she said. “I want to really commend the people who come here and have businesses started. They are taking over buildings and rehabbing them. It’s great to see that.”

Clinton went on to stay that she first went to the restaurant in 1999.

“I was here in ‘99 when I was a senator, but I haven’t been back in a long time,” she said. “I’m glad to be here.”


Obviously, this is such a minor issue because everyone enjoys french friends every once in a while, but she is so holier than thou, she even touching french fries is hypocrisy. Be what you say you’re going to be if you want to be the president. Congratulations Hillary, you are consistently inconsistent.