Hillary Loving Newspaper Suffers Devastating Losses

All is not forgiven in The News & Eagle, an Enid, Oklahoma newspaper.

Publishing from the heart of a GOP controlled county, inside a republican controlled state, right smack in the middle of Trump Loving Country, the newspaper did the unthinkable and endorsed Hillary Clinton.

And now they are paying the price.

WND reports, the paper is rapidly losing subscribers and 11 advertisers have withdrawn their business from the publication, “including a funeral home that had a sizable account.”

Someone reportedly attached a “Crooked Hillary” bumper sticker to the newspaper office doors and left late-night messages on voice mail expressing hope “that readers would deliver a burning sack of steaming excrement to the paper.”

“Emails, letters, phone calls and comments denouncing the endorsement have poured into the paper’s website and Facebook page,” the report noted

Paul Allen, a prominent resident who financed construction of a ballpark downtown, dropped his 43-year-old subscription saying,

“I just felt like it was kind of my duty almost. When I saw that headline, I was shocked. It was sickening to me.”

All 77 counties in Oklahoma voted for Trump.

The devastating losses suffered by The News & Eagle contrast sharply with the soaring fortunes of Jackie Evancho who Trump made #1 on Billboard after she enthusiastically accepted an invitation to perform at Trump’s inauguration.