Donald Trump To Reshape Federal Judiciary

Donald Trump is about to do something conservatives have long dreamed of but never thought possible. Trump has the chance to totally reshape the Federal Judiciary.

Donald Trump needs to fill 103 vacancies in the federal courts when he becomes president, nearly twice as many as Obama got to appoint (54) when he began his first term.

These vacancies include the big one, the empty seat of Antonin Scalia.

Of course the democrats blame the republicans for the huge increase in judicial vacancies, but they forget Obama had a total of 329 judicial appointments confirmed while just 326 were confirmed under George W. Bush.

So when W. Neil Eggleston, Obama’s White House counsel says of the vacancies,

“There is a real impact on real people, there are people and companies who are not having their cases heard because there are no judges around.”

Just know that he is playing politics. For example let’s look at Texas where seven seats have sat empty for more than one year. Obama couldn’t work out an agreement with the state’s two Republican senators on the nominees.

Just because Obama won the general election doesn’t mean he won Texas. That is why we have checks and balances, to preserve the integrity of the union. Obama never understood that, and in his arrogance he took all opposition to him personally, blamed it on race or ignorance. Because how could anyone disagree with him?

Trump has an historic opportunity to not only immediately fill these vacancies with conservatives but in doing so he will establish a conservative legacy in the Federal Judiciary that will last generations.