CNN Host Don Lemon’s Career Is At Its End

The liberal organization Media Matters has a mission to monitor, analyze, and correct conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. The latest thing they tried to do was destroy the career of Sean Hannity, the Fox News host. They released a list of his advertisers and asked them to fire him. However, the conservatives aren’t just sitting down and doing nothing. Their organization Media Equalizer did the same thing for Don Lemon, who works at CNN from 2006.

Via Patriot Beacon

The Gateway Pundit reported that Media Equalizer just released a list of Lemon’s advertisers. Hannity himself retweeted the list after it was posted to Twitter by “Stop the Scalpings.”

Twitter users immediately rejoiced and called for a CNN boycott:


Sean Hannity isn’t happy that Media Matters wants him to get fired. However, he announced that he’s not leaving Fox News anytime soon.


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