BREAKING: Entitled Jerk Colin Kaepernick Just Got EXACTLY WHAT HE DESERVES!

A year ago, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick stood out as truly newsworthy for ludicrously sitting amid the national song of devotion as a dissent over race relations in the U.S. Presently, Kaepernick is confronting despise from NFL groups not willing to hazard negative reputation that could cost them millions by marking on the social equity warrior.


Kaepernick wound up being dropped by the 49ers because of his absence of ability and his race-teasing tricks. He has since been frantically attempting to locate another group to sign him, yet he has found no achievement. Kaepernick has gotten himself viable prohibited by the NFL, as no group needs to manage his diverting racial dissents.

After he started his dissents, the 49ers saw a 25% drop in the quantity of fans watching their group, which cost them a large number of dollars. Another group is not willing to go out on a limb that this same thing will transpire by marking Kaepernick.