Obama once promised the American people that he would have the most Transparent administration in U.S. history. Instead what we got was Obama doing everything he could to hide his actions from the American people. He lied about his activities. He consistently covered up his various scandals. He even closed the Whitehouse down to visitors, how is that for transparency.

However, Trump is doing the exact opposite. Trump signs his executive orders and then commemorates them with a photo, he tweets his every single move to the entire world. And of course, he reopened the Whitehouse to visitors.

Despite the media’s claims that Trump wants to destroy free speech and freedom of the press (and them completely ignoring leftist college students and Soros backed protests who are actually physically attacking people who disagree with them and protesting free speech) Trump wants to have more media attention.

He has made it possible for more news organizations to be able to attend Whitehouse press briefings.

Via ConsAmerica

President Trump is on the way to becoming the most forthright and honest president ever. Democrats and their minions in the liberal and mainstream media are not very good at digging deep into anything or anyone they’ve decided to love, so this idea may be completely foreign to them – but the idea of having a free press is to ensure that our elected leaders don’t become corrupt tyrants.

The fact that Hillary Clinton and Obama escaped law enforcement and the FBI is a solid proof that not always the system works. President-elect Trump seems to have a solution for this and the precedent that he sets will outrage any future Democrat potuses.

Trump’s team is ready to move to the White House press conference from the small room to a much bigger one which more reporters and more transparency.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus briefly explained it: “You can fit four times the amount of people in the press conference, allowing more press, more coverage from all over the country. Some of this is getting way out of whack, and I think people should be encouraged that we have so many people who want to participate.”

Reince hit one thing on the head that should be highlighted and underlined and placed squarely in front of every idiot media talking head that complained and cried about possible Trump ‘corruption:’ more journalists want to cover Trump, and that is why space is being made for them.

This action is a flagrant and obvious evidence that reporters everywhere know that Trump is on the up-and-up. Unlike Obama or Hillary, they actually want to cover his administration. At least they know they’ll be accommodated, rather than neglected.

This is great. Trump is committed to “draining the swamp” and restoring America. His little change will last for many administrations after him and allow for a much greater diversity of media outlets to become primary sources of information by physically participating in Whitehouse press conferences.

Trump is the most transparent president in U.S. history. He loudly proclaims from the rooftops everything he is doing. Truth is the greatest disinfectant for corruption. Trumps Transparency will greatly aid in the efforts to shine a bright spotlight on the corruption in Washington that lurks in the shadows.

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