Black Lives Matter “White Privilege” Myth Exposed As Total Scam

Black lives matter is total scam. They got their start in ignoble fashion attaching themselves to the fake police brutality story from Ferguson MO.

In that incident, a gun wielding assailant attacked police officers who responded, correctly, by shooting him dead.

From that spurious beginning grew a movement meant to scam average Americans into providing special treatment for them.  They have protested everything from Trump (please note that they didn’t show up to vote – the African American vote did not come out for Hillary in the same numbers as they did for Barack) American inequality, and “white privilege.”

Never providing facts or evidence to back up their claims, they showed up in droves whenever anyone offered free food to join a protest march.

Well, it appears, according to the good reporters at the Federalist Papers that the myth of White privilege, the foundation of their claims is bogus.

A scam. A fraud. Just like them.