Bill Clinton’s Health Condition Is Upside-down At The Moment

Few sources who are close to Bill and Hillary say that this period of time, Bill is facing with some really horrible situations that are believed to make the following year as worse as possible.


Their closest people say that Bill, all week now is being bedridden at his residence inside his library. Why?

Well, in their book Bill & Hillary: So this is the thing called love, there are Clinton insiders who claim that Bill spent so many nights with other many women that Hillary had no choice but force him to get an HIV test from the doctors.

Apparently, he is a huge fan of unprotected sex.

The tests came out negative but there is one problem. Why the Clintons have kept their medical records secret?

Clinton explained his change of appearance due to heart surgery and diet but he was looking increasingly thin and weak at his wife’s campaign rallies.

Are they booking rooms because maybe they are preparing themselves for the worse?

I need also to mention that in a case of a funeral, they do not want any state burial or national ceremony while President Trump is at the office. They are scared of the words he might use for them.