Angela Merkel Confirms In Shock: This Was My Biggest Mistake…

When it comes to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel I must admit that she has been the biggest supporter when it comes to bringing Syrian refugees and migrants.

After her decision, the German cities have been facing with major shock and little horror show due to terrorist attacks. Many sexual assaults and unbelievable crimes happened over this past year.

The damage is huge and as time passes by they indeed become unstoppable and take many human lives.

via Yes Mr. Right

The German people had apparently had enough of this rampant crime in Germany, because they just dealt a crushing blow to Merkel’s conservative Democrat party and voted them out by a large margin. Merkel then took to the stage to backtrack as much as she could, citing that the migrant crisis could have been avoided, and that she regrets the mistake she made, also referring to multiculturalism as a “living lie.”

Speaking to the party faithful at its annual conference, she repeated her catchphrase from throughout the migrant crisis, ‘we can do this’, but effectively admitted Germany could only cope if she wrestled back control of the influx.

‘A continuation of the current influx would in the long-term overwhelm the state and society, even in a country like Germany,’ she said.

The leader, once known as the ‘Iron Chancellor’, won rapturous applause after announcing the volte face. However, she resisted calls to set a limit on the number of arrivals.

‘We want to, and we will, noticeably reduce the number of refugees,’ she told the conference in Karlsruhe. ‘With an approach focused on the German, European and global level, we will succeed in regulating and limiting migration.’

Mrs Merkel attempted to defend her August decision, which drew hundreds of thousands to Europe, claiming it was a ‘humanitarian imperative’. She appealed to the party’s sense of history, saying that the same strength that allowed it ‘to rebuild from the rubble of the war to create the economic miracle, and to go from division to a reunified country’ would get Germany through the crisis.

She said she was banking on a multi-pronged approach to cut migrant numbers, urging bolstered protection for the bloc’s external borders, support for Turkey to host refugees long-term and a long-shot bid for a distribution scheme among EU member states.

She also touted a range of measures already undertaken in Germany including speeding up the

deportation of failed asylum applicants. Mrs Merkel, who has been the country’s leader for a decade, tried to paint an upbeat vision saying it was no longer the ‘sick man of Europe’ and ‘should be a country that is open, curious, tolerant and even exciting’.

Okay so when the UK tries to do this they are wrong but now it is OK for Germany? She at least takes responsibility and tries to make things right although the chances are small I must admit. We are not safe on the street anymore; it is too late to go back… the damage is done. I hope better days are coming.