Al Sharpton Gets BAD NEWS and PUNISHMENT For Not Paying Taxes – HE IS IN PANIC MODE

Reverend Al Sharpton proved that he is a hypocrite. He was saying that everyone who is wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes. However, he forgot about himself. He doesn’t pay taxes and now the punishment has arrived. He owes more than $50,000. His passport will be taken away so he can’t travel overseas. Sharpton defended himself that these are old taxes, but even if they’re old he must pay them.

Via American Daily Patriot

Rev. Al Sharpton has taken to the airwaves again recently attempting to discredit President Trump.

Sharpton harshly criticizes the president’s tax plan and demands that Trump releases his tax returns. Trump has repeatedly said he would do so after an audit is completed.

Al Sharpton is talking out of both sides of his mouth when he complains about taxes.

The liberal activist and MNSBC host has his own tax issues that have yet to be dealt with.

The US Herald reported that a law signed by President Obama revoked thepassports of those who owe more than $50,000 in back taxes. And Al Sharpton owes a lot more than that.

Heat Street reviewed public records as the new year began.

They revealed that Sharpton and his companies, “including several dissolved by New York for failure to pay taxes, owe approximately “$1.5 million in state and federal taxes, interest and penalties.”

Sharpton dismissed the criticism of his tax debt stating that We’re talking about old taxes. I think it’s political.

Can the rest of us use that argument?

Sharpton has consistently called for the wealthy in this country topay their fair share.”

A source close to Sharpton told Heat Street that he’s been paying it down aggressively, aware of how it may affect his legacy.

Really? He is concerned about his legacy!

What about all the welfare programs he is so fond of? Shouldn’t he help fund those as a rich taxpayer?

This is the same rich man who decries that the rich must pay their fair share, yet he consistently failed to pay his.

The double standards of Sharpton and the Democratic Party should infuriate all Americans.

At least we can all have a good laugh as Sharpton remains unable to travel overseas thanks to his friend Obama.

It will also be entertaining to watch the Trump administration ensure that Sharpton pays his fair share.

Al Sharpton has double standards and he thinks that the rules for the others don’t apply to him. Now he has to pay the fair share and until then he can’t travel anywhere. Take that Al Sharpton!